Will radio and podcasting ever merge?


A podcast is a radio programme without the restrictions of regulators or rules.

Radio is a bunch of podcasts with a transmitter.

There are so many similarities between podcasts and radio programmes, but nobody has figured it out to have a single radio station full of podcasts.

There are podcasts from radio shows, but no radio shows from podcasts.

So, here’s a free idea for anyone wanting to set up a different kind of radio station. Pod FM.

Why not?

In the UK, Upload Radio is the closest we have to a podcasting radio service, where anyone can buy an hour of radio and broadcast on a DAB multiplex. It turns out some podcasts have made it to the schedule, along with a number of programmes specifically recorded for the station.

But to start an entire radio station from scratch and fill it with some of the best podcasts ever made, and continue to be made, would be something new and exciting.

You’d have no shortage of publicity, with every podcaster on board saying “and don’t forget you can hear this podcast on Pod FM every Tuesday at 2200hrs” for example. It would be a great way to cross-promote other podcasts and great for the vast majority of people who like to be given content rather than go out of their way to find it.

A couple of years ago I created an online radio service full of podcasts about radio – so I know the technology is available to make it happen, and
if you make it online only, there’s less regulation to worry about. Just make sure you have an 18 sticker on the label.

If you need a hand, give me a shout!


Roy Martin is the owner and founder of RadioToday – the radio news website which also includes spin off sites such as PodcastsToday.co.uk, OnTheRadio.co.uk and JingleMad.com

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