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Brand Support is a leading research and consulting company for radio strategies and content development.

Radio stations, media brands, political parties and NGOs trust in a 20-year experience.

Brand Support helps media brands transferring their research findings effectively into an actionable roadmap for long-lasting success.

As RELEVANCE is the NEW LOUD, Brand Support has put its focus on answering a wider spectrum of PD questions faster and deliver more programming insights for a reasonable budget.
With the new tool Brand Advocate Club for example, Brand Support builds test audiences for stations that can be used for music tests, brand analysis, campaign checks e.a.

Additionally, Brand Support measures, analyzes and delivers real listening behavior insights with STREAMALYZR. This helps stations improving their programming on a daily, but also on a strategic basis.

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Join us on 26th to 28th of March 2023 in Prague for something truly revolutionary. We look forward to seeing you, stay tuned for a sneak peek coming soon!