Commercial Partners
Philipp Nowak

STREAMALYZR – real audience insights for better programming decisions

STREAMALYZR GmbH & Co.KG was founded in Berlin in fall 2017. General Manager is Philipp Nowak.

STREAMALYZR has been developed with the support of well-known market researchers and program consultants

ü    STREAMALYZR is THE tool for the radio of the future.

ü    STREAMALYZR helps to improve radio programming based on real listener demands. 

ü    Stop guessing - with STREAMALYZR you will know what makes listeners tune into your station.

ü    New morning show, new major promotion, new presenter, new element? See the real effects on reach & TSL.

ü    Get fresh listener feedback daily. React quickly – no more waiting for research reports for weeks. 

ü    See all important insights at one glance in the PD Dashboard – the control center for program  directors.

ü    The Air Check Library allows you to monitor your competitors. See their clocks, listen to their elements, save time.

ü    With STREAMALYZR you are much closer to your listeners and always one step ahead.


MusicTrace is premium co-operation partner and offers their clients the free embedding of their playlist and those of their competitors.