Ivana Veselková

Online marketing manager and podcast creator, Czech Radio

Online marketing manager and podcast creator at Czech Radio. Ivana is the creator of three current podcasts for Czech Radio. All three are targeted towards a younger audience and are linked via a particularly personal brand of humor. Along with Zuzana Fuksová, Ivana is the co-creator of the Buchty (Cakes) Podcast, which is among the most successful at Czech Radio but also in Czech Republic as a whole. Aside from podcast creation, Ivana manages online marketing at Czech Radio and lends her expertise to audio promotion in an online space.

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14:00 - 14:40
Track 4

Successful youth formats

Younger listeners are hard to engage, and across the globe radiostations and podcasters are trying to find the key to capturing their attention. In this session you will meet three cases who have all suceeded in doing so, one of them by locking up 4 DJs in a room, one with butchy girls’ talk, and one by sound designing a ground breaking music podcast. Come find out more!