Martin Liss

Audio Entrepreneur, Germany

Martin Liss is an audio entrepreneur with a weakness for innovation, storytelling and digital. He is, among other things, co-owner of podcast360 GmbH and the management consultancy BUSCHMANN LISS. Before that, he was primarily making radio for a good 25 years: as programme director of NRJ / ENERGY in Germany and managing director of their flagship station in Berlin, he helped shape the German radio landscape for years. As one of the few managers in German radio, Martin Liss has also gained management experience in other media genres and start-ups. He was programme director at "MFD Mobiles Fernsehen Deutschland" and managing director at the YouTube network Mediakraft Productions. Martin is a member of the jury of the German Radio Award as well as the German Podcast Award. He regularly speaks and consults on an international level.

All Sessions by Martin Liss

10:00 - 10:40
Track 4

3 cases - 3 countries

Three cases that inspire and showcase completely different but very valuable insights into successful new audio developments and how they are used to grow success

14:00 - 14:40
Track 2

Adapting to change: New opportunities

When Norway switched off FM, many thought it's the end of the world in this session we'll take a look at how that really went, plus why are broadcasters investing in radio 'big time' in Germany. Finally a Czech case that proves all hesitations are wrong when it comes to digital platforms.

16:05 - 16:45
Track 1

Ukraine – How radio works in war

It’s a common proverb that in war, truth dies first. As a journalist, you’re constantly between reality, interests, interpretation and judgement. This is especially true for journalists who work for the Ukrainian public broadcaster UA:PBC Suspilne during the war. From months in a bunker to field trips into a city under attack, you can’t get much closer to what you’re reporting on. This session gives you the chance to listen to a first hand eyewitness of what it was and still is like to work in Kyiv.

12:30 - 16:30
Track 4

Audiodata Summit

Everything you & your station, podcast, audio product need to know about Audio Data Data is the blood that runs through the veins of the internet. Yet, data so much more than the measuring of success – though it is that, too. As a radio station, podcast or audio company: What do you really need to know about data? How can you maximise the impact they have on listeners, branding, and revenue in a data-driven environment? What trends, innovations, new companies and best cases are there to be learned from? And where will the hottest AI developments like ChatCPT etc. lead us? Get inspired, get smarter, get going with lots of learnings and many an insight about the “new gold in media” – in this great Summit on Sunday to hear sessions on: We will rock you data, Everything around measurement, What’s data got to do with it – making excellent content with data, We built this city on data and rock ‘n’ roll – using data in audio work, Money for nothing, and data for free – enhancing monetisation through data.