2027 – 10 ways to get there


Stevie Munzner said that we are going through a revolution and
promised that he would give us a way to get to the future in a safe

The world is pretty fast paced in 2017 – we have no idea what to do
with the changes that are coming fast at us and there is so much
happening that it’s hard to keep up. There isn’t enough time for
everything and we don’t even have time to process everything we are
going through.

The competition is not only other radio stations anymore. How we
interact with the world and our behavior is changing because of new
technology. There is no escape from work! And no escuse for not seeing
emails. We are always connected – from entertainment, to work, to
social media accounts – and content is everywhere. Our phones tell us
the weather and travel information, which used to be central to radio.
They play us music and we can curate it for ourselves. We need to move
with the times.

Alexa is the future. It changes the way we consume content –
especially in that we can flip between radio stations without having
to even touch a button. Soon it will be part of our cars – so the
voice activated stuff is the future. Everything will work

We have to make content not only for the radio but also to go across
other platforms. Hamish and Andy do this really well – especially with
their ‘Ed Sheeran Peep Show’!

Influencers are our new enemies. And they ‘do what they can’t – like
Casey Neistat. They don’t need kit, they don’t need producers or a
huge plan. They just need to be real and live their interesting lives,
have a story and a phone. As Casey says, people stuck in history are
sat on the Titanic, and influencers are the Iceberg.

Juraj Hrvacic suggests that we use these influencers to our advantage
– use the ‘attention economy’ – what people are paying attention to.
What is getting the likes? What are people talking about?

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