Podcasts – what business models have emerged in recent years?

Podcast models

In a conversation moderated by Bryan Barletta – Nikolaj Koppel, Rob Greenlee and Rebecca Haase talked about their business models for podcasts and also addressed the importance of commercials.

In Rob’s case, his model is based on the production of premium podcasts and podcasts that promote a product or a brand.

NiKolaj, through an interactive presentation, showed the podcast subscription service he created in Denmark and which is now available in Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Latin America. The service is called Podimo and it contains exclusive, original, non-exclusive podcasts and audiobooks for just 5 euros per month.

Rebecca ‘s entry into the New York Public Station also served to work on the part of the advertisements within the broadcasts. The radio station where she works had a conservative side with commercials, but the fact that podcasts were more flexible made it possible to introduce ads, maintaining audio quality and thus generating money.

Just as it is important to have ads to make money and make the podcast business more sustainable, it is also important to promote podcasts in order to increase audiences.

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