Join the Audio Room at Radiodays Europe 2024

New to Radiodays Europe!

This year, for the first time at Radiodays Europe, attendees are being given the chance to listen and critique audio, together. There will be in-group discussions whilst listening to examples of audio from across the globe.

If you are interested in making your audio better, making your team’s audio better, or think you might have something to offer then sign up on Swpacard.

Space are very limited but there will be some spaces in each session available for walk-ins on the day, so if you aren’t lucky then do some along to the session to see if there is a place for you. 

Hosting the Audio Room are Liam Thompson, Liam Thompson Consulting, John Simons, Marlies Hartendorf, QMusic, Alison Broddle, CBC, Des Paul, The Content Works– experts from around the world. 

They will each be hosting a table and talking you through the different audio they will be playing – find out content. The groups then get the chance to discuss and critique the audio they’ve just listened to.

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