08:00 - 07:00 Venue: Czech Congress Centre

Registration Opens

Welcome to Radiodays Europe 2023, registration is open to all you must bring your printed badge to enter, you cannot enter without your badge.

09:00 - 12:00 Track 2

Radiodays Inclusive

10:00 - 12:00 Track 3

Podcast Design Workshop

How to design and plan your podcast by using the MethodKit for Podcasts. A workshop with DW Akademie and MethodKit. Whether you’re an audio pro or just starting out, the MethodKit for Podcasts developed by DW Akademie and MethodKit can be used across every aspect of your podcast — from development to production to distribution to marketing or from audience growth to content ideation and more. In this session, you’ll learn how to use this new analogue and digital tool, as well as find out more about its development and how it’s being used globally. The MethodKit for Podcasts was developed in collaboration with leading podcast experts from around the world and includes 61 cards designed to help you and your team discuss, map, plan, ideate & prioritise your podcast journey. The kit has been translated into 28 languages. Every registered workshop participant will receive a MethodKit for Podcasts. Bring your podcast ideas to the workshop, learn how to use new tools, and become part of DW Akademie’s global PodasTraining community.

Ola Möller
Barbara Gruber
Julia Minner
12:00 - 12:30 Prague Congress Centre


12:30 - 16:30 Track 1

Podcast Summit

A Summit for enthusiastic broadcasters and podcasters – public service, commercial and independent – who want to hear about practical ways in which they can develop their podcast proposition This Summit gives delegates practical advice on all areas of the podcasting supply chain: From new idea development, to the things you need to actually make a great podcast, through to promotion, social media and monetisation. Join this great Summit on Sunday to participante in session on: Starting a podcast, Making a podcast & Promoting a podcast – this is an in-depth look into all of these areas.

Camilla Sager
Sam Bonham
Daniel Karlsson
Stephanie Donovan
Leanne Alie
Eric Nuzum
Arielle Nissenblatt
Lene 1050x591 Lene Heiselberg (DK)
James C 1050x591 James Cridland (AU)
12:30 - 16:30 Track 2

Youth Summit

Everything you & your station, podcast, audio product need to know about Young Audiences! Everything about young audiences, content for younger listeners and much more! Join this great Summit on Sunday to hear session on: A- Z of TIK TOK, Change or Die, Researching Youth Audiences, News for the next generation and Swipe Right – Ideas to fire your imagination!

Šimon Holý
Nessa McGann
Angela Stengel
Barbora Šichanová
Grace Jasper
Anisha Ratan
Parastoo Saeidi
Niall Power
Marlies Hartendorf
Joanne Sweeney
Gabrielle Cummins
Ella Squire
Dario Marčac
Aslak Gottlieb
12:30 - 16:30 Track 3

Audiodata Summit

Everything you & your station, podcast, audio product need to know about Audio Data Data is the blood that runs through the veins of the internet. Yet, data so much more than the measuring of success – though it is that, too. As a radio station, podcast or audio company: What do you really need to know about data? How can you maximise the impact they have on listeners, branding, and revenue in a data-driven environment? What trends, innovations, new companies and best cases are there to be learned from? And where will the hottest AI developments like ChatCPT etc. lead us? Get inspired, get smarter, get going with lots of learnings and many an insight about the “new gold in media” – in this great Summit on Sunday to hear sessions on: We will rock you data, Everything around measurement, What’s data got to do with it – making excellent content with data, We built this city on data and rock ‘n’ roll – using data in audio work, Money for nothing, and data for free – enhancing monetisation through data.

Estelle Cognacq
Morna McAulay
Kim Ohlsson
Adam Javurek
Marianne Bouchart
Benjamin Biering
Sharon Taylor
Roger Hofmann
Anna Soisalo
James C 1050x591 James Cridland (AU)
16:30 - 17:30 Czech Congress Centre: Exhibition Area

Slow & Focused - Networking

17:30 - 19:00 Prague Congress Centre: Exhibition Area

Welcome Drinks with RCS

Join Radiodays Europe & RCS for the Sunday Evening Welcome Drinks. Enjoy the fantastic views of Prague, meet old friends and make new ones! With a little gift for all attending!

08:00 - 18:00 Czech Congress Centre

Welcome Registration & Exhibition Open

Welcome to the Second Day of Radiodays Europe. You can only enter if you have your printed badge and photo ID, please make sure you have your badge pre-printed.

09:00 - 10:00 Track 1

Opening & Welcome to Radiodays Europe 2023

A welcome from the Team of Radiodays Europe, the Radiodays Europe Partners, the Host Partners from the Czech Republic and a special musical star

Peter Niegel
Stefan Möller
René Zavoral
Richard Dawkins
Daniela Linzer
Veronika Ruppert
Paul Robinson
Noel Curran
Edita Kudláčová
Andriy Taranov
10:15 - 10:55 Track 1

James Rea in Conversation

This year is the 50th anniversary of the birth of commercial radio in the UK which was officially launched by LBC, the news talk station, followed a week later by Capital. Both stations are owned by Global, the Media & Entertainment Group and the UK’s leading commercial radio company which reaches over 26 million listeners every week and has the top three commercial radio brands in Britain – Heart, Capital and Smooth. Not only does Global own the first ever commercial radio station, it recently launched the two newest radio brands in the UK - Capital Chill and Radio X Classic Rock. James Rea is responsible for broadcasting and content at Global across all live radio as well as Global Player which includes chart-topping podcasts like The News Agents. He’ll be joining John Simons in conversation to tell us about his career and life at Global.

James Rea
John Simons
10:15 - 10:55 Track 2

How to make money and feel good

In conversation with Sarah Van Mosel of iHeart Radio and Thierry Mars from EGTA, this session will explore the evolution of revenue generation in both radio and podcasting. Join us as we discuss the current challenges in driving revenue and maximising monetisation for audio products on both sides of the Atlantic. This session will discuss future directions and the innovations that are driving the art of monetisation. Make sure you don't miss the innovations pioneered by the best in the business and take away key strategies and new ways of thinking that will help you grow your audio business - and make you feel good!

Nessa McGann
Thierry Mars
Sarah van Mosel
10:15 - 10:55 Track 3

The future of audio measurement

A discussion of server-based measurement as part of the future of audio measurement. GFK will present the first numbers from Australia with server-based data being part of the overall gig. Triton digital will give the international overview and predictions for the future based on their international presence.

Daryl Battaglia
Deb Hishon
Grant Blackley
10:15 - 10:55 Track 4

Programmatic advertising. Friend or Foe? Session hosted by AdTonos

Wish you had more ad revenues, but unsure if programmatic is the answer? We share the facts around programmatic advertising in the radio industry, the good the bad and the ugly. If you want to improve your ad-fill ratio without expanding your sales team, then this session is for you.

Paul Cranwell
10:55 - 11:25 Exhibition Area


11:25 - 12:05 Track 1

The Moth - How to tell a story

Join The Moth's longtime Artistic Director, Catherine Burns, as she guides you through the art and craft of storytelling. For the past 25 years, The Moth—a globally acclaimed nonprofit—has presented over 50,000 true stories, told live on stage at Moth events worldwide. Since 2008, "The Moth Radio Hour," from The Moth and PRX, has amplified these stories of people from all walks of life—including Nobel Laureates, dental hygienists, entertainers, and more—to millions of public radio listeners each week and via "The Moth Podcast," which is downloaded more than 100 million times annually. Through each episode, the storyteller and the audience embark on a transformative high-wire act of shared experience, often exhilarating, terrifying, hilarious, heartwarming, and everything in between. In this session, Catherine will explain how Moth story directors help draw out the best stories and then help prepare the tellers for the stage. She will demonstrate her points using story clips as examples—drawing inspiration from The Moth's recent "New York Times" bestseller "How To Tell A Story: The Essential Guide to Memorable Storytelling from The Moth."

Catherine Burns
11:25 - 12:05 Track 2

10 great radio promotions

Niall Power presents the top 10 Radio Promotions from around the world. Come, Listen and be inspired!

Niall Power
11:25 - 12:05 Track 3

3 Diversity & inclusion cases: How to measure and sustain success

Diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives are not "nice to have" for media organisations, but essential roadmaps to success. Talent recruitment and retention pay off in future-proofing your audiences. This session will feature three DEI cases with practical learnings that can apply to any organisation.

Faustine Ladeiro-Levent
Leanne Alie
Rebecca Grisedale-Sherry
11:25 - 12:05 Track 4

Omnichannel Advertising will be the next big thing: why is Audio the big winner? Session hosted by Targetspot

Omnichannel advertising is in the mouth and ears of all advertisers and marketers in 2023. Today, advertisers execute marketing strategies in a fragmented media world. Advertisers are looking at omnichannel advertising as a solution to connect the dots and deliver their message in a consistent and effective manner. What is the place of Audio in the omnichannel advertising plan? How can Radio and Podcasters position their audiences at the heart of the omnichannel plan? We will address these questions during our session and share the plan to position Audio as the big winner in this new omnichannel era.

Mario Cabanas
12:05 - 12:20 Exhibition Area


12:20 - 13:00 Track 1

The Audio Summit

The Audio Summit brings together leaders in the audio space to discuss the current trends and future outlook. This high level sessions attracts the best from the worlds of radio, audio and podcast is shouldn't be missed.

Matt Deegan
Cathinka Rondan
Charles-Emmanuel Bon
Guy Fränkel
Martina Rihova
12:20 - 13:00 Track 2

How to teach a new dog old tricks

Innovations and new solutions for finding and putting new clients to air. This session will bring you great examples you can use to encourage bigger spend from non traditional clients and showcase the best in exciting promotions and revenue generating campaigns from across Europe.

Nessa McGann
Katerina Borovska
Steve Van den Audenaerde
Nina Fletcher
12:20 - 13:00 Track 3

Hyper Smart Radio for Super Clever Cars

Is AI the new driver of the connected dashboard? How could radio and audio stay relevant and engaging in an ever-changing environment? Our industry faces a host of unprecedented challenges today, supercharged by high-end and futuristic technology. Voice assistant, distribution of geo-localised content, personalization, etc. Automakers and OEMs are inventing their future today, but we have the assets, the agility and the ideas to meet their needs and reinvent the good old radio. The latest trends and insights in the automotive market and its challenges for the radio and audio industry will hold no secrets for you.

Roger C. Lanctot
Sven Eckoldt
Matthieu Beauval
Gwendolin Niehues
12:20 - 13:00 Track 4

Unleashing the Power of Radio through UX and Analytics

DTS AutoStage is changing the game for radio broadcasters by delivering the best in-car radio user experience and granting station managers unprecedented access to quantifiable and actionable in-vehicle listener data. See how broadcasters everywhere can tap into a global platform that preserves radio’s competitive advantage via enhanced discovery, engagement and rich analytics available in 140+ countries.

Joe D’Angelo
Desmond S. Fuller
13:00 - 14:00 Exhibition Area

Lunch break

14:00 - 14:40 Track 1

The Next Wave of Radio: Exploring the Power of AI and GPT Technology in Broadcasting

When ChatGPT was launched in late 2022, it quickly made history by becoming the fastest-growing app of all time, reaching an astonishing 100 million users in under two months. However, what many people may not realise is that the underlying technology powering ChatGPT - GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) - has been available since 2020. Now, an AI-driven local content system with GPT-3 at its heart — the world's first 100% AI-powered radio — has been created by Futuri. This session looks at the story behind how this product came to life. Providing valuable insights into what broadcasters should consider when incorporating AI into their programming efforts, and how intelligent use of AI can help stations become more live, more local, and grow their audience. Join this exciting discussion on the future of radio and AI.

Daniel Anstandig
14:00 - 14:40 Track 2

Adapting to change: New opportunities

When Norway switched off FM, many thought it's the end of the world in this session we'll take a look at how that really went, plus why are broadcasters investing in radio 'big time' in Germany. Finally a Czech case that proves all hesitations are wrong when it comes to digital platforms.

Martin Liss
Ole Jørgen Torvmark
Karel 1050x591 Karel Zýka (CZ)
Erwin 1050x591 Erwin Linnenbach (DE)
14:00 - 14:40 Track 3

Audio as a service: New business models in spoken-word

While media organisations have been struggling to find a viable business model for on-demand audio, specialised spoken-world audio companies have been building business models through paid subscription services. Wellness, education... even erotica! Find out how these audio newcomers are capturing ears and euros. 

Charlotte Pudlowski
Ben Schuman-Stoler
Cécilia Gabizon
14:00 - 14:40 Track 4

Successful youth formats

Younger listeners are hard to engage, and across the globe radiostations and podcasters are trying to find the key to capturing their attention. In this session you will meet three cases who have all suceeded in doing so, one of them by locking up 4 DJs in a room, one with butchy girls’ talk, and one by sound designing a ground breaking music podcast. Come find out more!

Nina Bendstrup
Marlies Hartendorf
Ivana Veselková
14:40 - 14:55 Exhibition Area


14:55 - 15:35 Track 1

Love is in the ear...

Love is the emotion that trumps all others, and the most successful brands are loved and shared at warp speed. The intimacy of a familiar voice, emotive music and vivid mental pictures painted by each listener gives audio an unfair advantage to engender this powerful emotion. Yet so much audio advertising is guilty of selling by yelling, with advertisers killing their communication with inauthentic voices, hyperbolic statements and facts and figures better suited to a website. More people than ever are choosing to have their entertainment and information delivered to them in audio. While ad-tech helps brands reach them, unless their ad creative moves them, the campaign will be written off as a failed experiment. In this session, the founder of the world’s most awarded audio agency will demonstrate how relevant cleverness and consistency will generate short term results while building brands that are loved for the long term. The fastest way to a consumer’s heart is through their ears, and Ralph van Dijk has the examples to prove it.

Ralph van Dijk
14:55 - 15:35 Track. 2

Why radio needs to be on Tiktok

What's so special with this fastest growing social media platform? And why should we as a radio business be there? We will show examples of both things that worked and things that failed. Dario Marčac is a leading Tiktoker from Croatia and Parastoo Saedi is a digital producer at Swedish Radio P3.

Kim Ohlsson
Parastoo Saeidi
Dario Marčac
14:55 - 15:35 Track 3

War reporting in the 21st century

February last year Russia attacked Ukraine changing the lives of many in just one year. Probably for the first time we can follow the war in real time inside and outside the war rooms - Journalists, social media, satellite data and drones feed us the latest updates in a blink of an eye. The term 'Fog of War' is often used meaning truth must be established continuously with expertise and the right tools. So how do you find reliable sources? How do you identify fake news and propaganda? How do you navigate in this packed information space? Hear the answers from the seasoned experts.

Filip Nerad
Olle Zachrison
Roman Anin
14:55 - 15:35 Track 4

Enhancing Radio Leader’s Inventory and Listener Experience with Native Content: A Winning Strategy -Session hosted by Shoutcast

Join us for an in-depth discussion on the power of native content for leading radio stations. Our panel of experts will explore how incorporating podcasts, video content, and social media posts can enhance listener experience and expand inventory. They will share their perspectives on the benefits of native content, from increasing engagement and building brand loyalty to generating new revenue streams. We invite you to join the conversation and share your reactions to this exciting topic.

Frédéric Gérand
Gregory Cosman
15:35 - 16:05 Exhibition Area


16:05 - 16:45 Track 1

Ukraine – How radio works in war

It’s a common proverb that in war, truth dies first. As a journalist, you’re constantly between reality, interests, interpretation and judgement. This is especially true for journalists who work for the Ukrainian public broadcaster UA:PBC Suspilne during the war. From months in a bunker to field trips into a city under attack, you can’t get much closer to what you’re reporting on. This session gives you the chance to listen to a first hand eyewitness of what it was and still is like to work in Kyiv.

Martin Liss
Andriy Taranov
16:05 - 16:45 Track 2

Engaging the next generation: Strategies for combating news fatigue and connecting with young audiences

How do you engage young people with your news content? News fatigue is a well-documented phenomenon and pose a threat to democracy. Young people across the globe have different ways of making sense of the world around them than what the news output of traditional media provides. In this session you will hear from two different organizations and learn how they have approached the challenge of being relevant to a young audience; -Zetland is an online magazine with as much 1/3 of its paying subscribers under the age of 30. The use of audio is one of their biggest success drivers. NRK has taken a step closer to understanding and engaging the younger audiences with their newly appointed constructive editor and the creation of NRK Young News. Come find out more!

Tav Klitgaard
Ingrid Tinmannsvik
Eirik Kroken
16:05 - 16:45 Track. 3

AI for audio

AI is changing our business, society and thereby our daily lives. Judging from the general conversation, the next steps will be taken very soon and the progress is getting faster all the time. What does the future look and sound like for our craft and business: From synthetic voices to synthetic presenters? AI built personalities? AI written storytelling... Some of these things are already here and if the future will be more dominated by AI, what is the importance of still feeling and hearing the "human touch" and could it be fabricated by AI?

Lena Beate Hamborg Pedersen
Satu Keto
Anna Vošalíková
16:05 - 16:45 Track 4

The future of radio in-car: The power of partnerships - Session hosted by Radioplayer

The in-car entertainment experience is seeing unprecedented change driven by internet connectivity and new technology. In amongst the wave of new apps and services, Radio remains the most popular audio source in the car. How can broadcasters stay in control of the radio experience and keep radio strong? Can Radio stay prominent as an important source of news and public value? And what technologies and features will form part of Radio 2.0 in the car?

Alexandra Daskalopoulos
Tomas Granryd
Laurence Harrison
Matt Deegan
Laurent Frisch
16:45 - 17:00 Exhibition Area


17:00 - 17:40 Track 1

Attracting new audiences in new ways

The audio space is hot with more radio stations, podcasts, streams, and audio products than ever before. So, how is Europe’s largest radio company planning to recruit and retain listeners in the face of improving and increasing competition? In this exclusive session, Francis Currie talks to Ben Cooper and Anna Rastner from Bauer Media Audio about their most successful strategies and tactics for grabbing the listeners’ attention and winning their hearts & minds.

Ben Cooper
Anna Rastner
Francis Currie
17:00 - 17:40 Track 2

What younger audiences really want

Research on young audiences, trends, topics and tips for engaging younger audiences!

Nessa McGann
Angela Stengel
Grace Jasper
Anisha Ratan
17:00 - 17:40 Track 3

Radio and digital platforms: A new era is coming

2023 opens a new era in the relationship between radio stations and third-party platforms. After years of observing each other and finding ways to work together, everyone is now asserting firmer positions. While some platforms seek to look more and more like radio, the broadcasting industry is beginning to free itself from certain third party players to cultivate its specificity and preserve its relationship with listeners. The European Broadcasting Union has a lot of insights and knowledge to share, and two public broadcasters will present their strategies when it comes to mastering their dance routines with very enticing platforms.

Matthieu Beauval
Jonny Kanagasooriam
Grace Zakka
Laurent Frisch
17:00 - 17:40 Track 4

Local radio, national impact

Some of the smartest ideas in radio aren't coming from the big national stations. As news deserts in Europe get wider, radio's role becomes increasingly essential. Here we'll explore three cases of local and regional stations launching projects to better serve their audiences. And how each project then went on to success beyond its original territory to a national stage.

Markus Knoll
Flavia Voinea
Hedvig Nilsson
19:00 - 22:00

Monday Radio Night hosted by Czech Radio & Partners

08:00 - 05:00 Czech Congress Centre

Registration & Exhibition Open

09:05 - 09:45 Track 1

Welcome to my feed – Meet 3 young media users

Young people consume a lot of news, but are less concerned with who produced them, and the source from which they came. Also, their understanding of what is important is very different to that of an older media user. To this segment, social media plays an essential role in the daily news update. Not surprisingly, traditional media struggles to engage young audiences with news content. To learn more about this, we have invited 3 young Czechs on stage to tell us what type of news they prefer in their feed, and how. Or more precisely, how can we learn to engage the younger audiences in our news content?

Barbora Šichanová
Aslak Gottlieb
09:05 - 09:45 Track 2

The Ultimate Guide to Music Programming

The music on your radio station is everything! With an endless supply of alternative choices for listeners, getting it ‘just right’ is essential. From agreeing on the correct strategy, all the way through to scheduling the first song on the Morning Show each day, there are a lot of different things to consider! This session will guide you through the complicated world of music programming and address some of the big topics. How do you make changes to your format without losing listeners? What can you do to stop your older songs from burning? Can you break the pattern of predictability that some formats have? And how much of a role should music research actually play? Our team of experts will share the secrets of how they tackle the challenge of creating exciting radio formats and playlists, giving you plenty of tips and tricks to try out for yourselves in this, ‘The Ultimate Guide to Music Programming’!

Lea Stonhill
Nik Goodman
Des Paul
Chris Price
09:05 - 09:45 Track 3

New insight in audio and podcast research

Latest research from US and Europe

Peter Niegel
Malene Kaasgaard Christiansen
Tom Webster
09:05 - 09:45 Track 4

How AI and synthetic voice meet audiences today

Forget the big visions and talk of future potential for a second, what are the hands-on use cases of AI-powered audio and synthetic voice in production today? Olle Zachrison, News Commissioner at Swedish Radio, demoes together with guests a range of practical examples from different media companies including cloned voices, AI revoicing, automated news bulletins and even AI generated radio stations.

Raoul Wedel
Olle Zachrison
09:45 - 10:00 Exhibition Area


10:00 - 10:40 Track 1

LiSTNR: Building a global audio eco-system at scale

Grant Blackley, CEO of Southern Cross Austereo, will share his insights from building and scaling an audio eco-system centered around the brand LiSTNR. The journey began with a change in strategy, behaviours, workforce and digital investment - to meet the changing consumer consumption that drives the digital audio revolution. The importance of linear broadcast was critical and he will outline the current content, product, data and technology development slate as well as the next most important strategic steps and actions.

Grant Blackley
10:00 - 10:40 Track 2

A 360° conversation with Bridging In Action stakeholders

Bridging broadcast and digital is back in Prague 2023, in ‘Action Mode’ with a focus on how to harness bridging to develop new audiences and new opportunities. Many organisations are facing huge amounts of change, which challenges team managers & leaders, creators and technologists alike. But how to implement it in an inclusive and friendly way? How to organise? How is technology enabling this? How can we thrive as professionals? Bridging from the strategy perspectives of executives and those crossing the chasm. Held in a Round Room it is a fast paced, forward thinking, interactive round-table which gives practical tips to bridge to new audiences and create new opportunities, not shying away from addressing potential clashes.

Bruno Tézenas du Montcel
Caroline Jamet
Camille Bondeville
Caroline Gillet
Christian Bollert
Sam Bonham
Olle Zachrison
10:00 - 10:40 Track 3

Grow smarter together

Negotiation expert Tanya Tarr will give a 15 minute introduction to negotiation, what it means and the outcomes you should expect when entering into a negotiation scenario. This will be followed by a practical session where you will take part with others in practicing to improve your skills and give you the confidence to negotiate effectively.

Tanya Tarr
10:00 - 10:40 Track 4

3 cases - 3 countries

Three cases that inspire and showcase completely different but very valuable insights into successful new audio developments and how they are used to grow success

Michal Merenda
Roger Hofmann
Andrea Borgnino
10:40 - 11:10 Exhibition Area

Coffee Break

11:10 - 11:50 Track 1

Taking a station from good to great

Over the last few years, radio listening has been disrupted like never before. So how do you replenish lapsed listeners and how do you welcome new listeners to your station? Driving Reach or Cume is traditionally the responsibility of the marketing department, but what can we do in programming to increase the number of listeners tuning in every day? Back by popular demand, Dennis Clark will explore how you can use creativity to help you improve audience delivery and explains the strategies you can employ at your station to help you go from ‘Good’ to ‘Great’!

Dennis Clark
11:10 - 11:50 Track 2

What next for podcasting: The next 12 months

Podcast makers from all over the world pitch their vision for the next year. What will happen and how could it impact you and your business?

Emma Conneely
Sam Bonham
Eric Nuzum
Arielle Nissenblatt
James C 1050x591 James Cridland (AU)
11:10 - 11:50 Track 3

Cybersecurity in mediahouses

So, yes, we are going to talk about viruses...But not the ones you immediately think of...This session focuses on electronic risks and computer viruses at a time when our industry relies more and more on digital systems. Often underestimated, IT security has become crucial to the integrity of our businesses. This session will introduce you to these essential notions today.

Matthieu Beauval
Jan Cibulka
11:10 - 11:50 Track 4

How music research can make your station better

Research plays such an important role in helping music radio stations refine their product and keep them competitive. From Strategic Studies and Callout right the way through to Format Testing and Music testing software. There are many different research tools a radio programmer can use. But what are the most effective and how do you know where and how to invest your research budget? In this session, our crack team of research experts will guide you through the maze of radio research options, share some best practise, and help you understand how research can grow your audience.

Sharon Dastur
Mikkel B. Ottesen
Sean Ross
Francis Currie
12:05 - 12:45 Track 1

Launching a brand new daily podcast with The News Agents

The News Agents, a daily UK news podcast was created by Persephoncia and the media company Global, with three previous BBC talent - Emily Maitlis, Jon Sopel and Lewis Goodall. The podcast has gone to the top of the UK charts generating millions of downloads. Find out how the show came into existence, why it's a fit for Global and how it's doing so well with the Founder CEO of Persephonica and the show's Executive Producer, Dino Sofos and Global's Head of News and Factual Podcasts Vicky Etchells.

Vicky Etchells
Dino Sofos
12:05 - 12:45 Track 2

Radio & Podcasting - the Cain & Abel of audio content

Radio and podcasting are intrinsically linked, so why are they so often against each other? Across his career as a successful programmer, Head of Content and now consultant to radio, podcast creators & digital audio companies, Mike has formed a unique point of view and the opportunity to highlight what radio & podcasting have to learn from each other, the mistakes to avoid when creating audio on demand, why & how radio and podcasting companies need to to reframe there views of each other and how radio can grow its revenues & audience by changing its approach to podcast content, simply and efficiently.

Mike Fitzpatrick
12:05 - 12:45 Track 3

Cool tools for your radio station from the world of Podcasting

Podcasting is producing new and interesting tools every week - and you can use them for radio as well. In this whistle-stop tour, James Cridland - radio futurologist and editor of Podnews, a daily podcasting newsletter - shows us some of the best tools and how you might use them to make your radio station sound better, market yourself better, and work better.

James C 1050x591 James Cridland (AU)
12:05 - 12:45 Track 4

Czech success stories

Presenting the best formats in the Czech Market

Michal Merenda
Ondřej Cikán
Martin Hroch
Kim Ohlsson
Martina Rihova
12:45 - 01:45


13:45 - 14:30 Track 1

Slowburn - Best podcast of the year 2022 (Apple)

Critically acclaimed Slow Burn from Slate has for 7 seasons now demonstrated, how good journalism can reignite important discussions in society

Susan Matthews
13:45 - 14:30 Track 2

Increase news engagement (and revenue!): The case for solutions journalism

We are witnessing a worrying trend of increasing news avoidance and decreasing trust in media across the globe, made worse by news fatigue exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. What can the news media industry do? This session will explore how solutions journalism aims to inspire audiences and create real-world impact by reporting on responses to social problems. Evidence shows that this approach to reporting leads to increased audience engagement, positive attitude towards news and renewed trust in media.

Meenal Thakur
Jeremy Druker
13:45 - 14:30 Track 3

The Future of Public Service Audio Apps

Nicky Birch and Emma Conneely are Editors at BBC Sounds. They talk through the latest developments with BBC’s Sounds on-demand audio offer. Should the BBC be trying to move listeners onto their own platform? What new features and content helped drive record audiences this the last year? What are the future plans at BBC Sounds for continued audience growth?

Emma Conneely
Sam Bonham
Nicky Birch
13:45 - 14:30 Track 4

Programming Strategies for Audio Branding - Session hosted by PURE Jingles

A sonic identity that fits your format is just the foundation of audio branding. Strategically scheduling and effectively using your jingle package and other elements is where the rubber meets the road. PURE Jingles presents the best practices of applying radio imaging & branding. From format clocks for imaging rotations to smooth transitions for maximum flow, this session covers many tools for brand awareness and audience increase. Relevant for both recall-based and electronically-measured rating markets. If you have any questions on how to get more out of your station imaging, you may be able to get it answered during this interactive session. And you’ll leave with practical ideas to implement as well as a free resource.

Thomas Giger
02:45 - 03:30 Track 1

30 ideas

It's back 30 ideas! Once again join us for this epic session of ideas, fun, a bit of madness in a fantastic end to Radiodays Europe 2023...this is the one not to miss!

David Fernández Quijada
Angela Stengel
Sadia Azmat
Olle Zachrison
Nik Goodman
Tom Webster
Tanya Tarr
03:30 - 04:00 Track 1


In the finale we thank our hosts for 2023 the radio stations of Czech Republic. And, announce the great host city for 2024, who will it be this coming year....

Peter Niegel