Markus Knoll

Managing Director and CEO, Funkhaus Ortenau (HITRADIO OHR and Schwarzwaldradio), Germany

Markus Knoll has been Managing Director and CEO at HITRADIO OHR, Offenburg since 2000. He founded Schwarzwaldradio as local radio station in 2008, which he then launched as the first private radio station on DAB+ in Baden-Württemberg. The station then joined the nationwide DAB+ offering in 2016. He has previously worked at Antenne Bayern, MDR, Radio IN.

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17:00 - 17:40
Track 4

Local radio, national impact

Some of the smartest ideas in radio aren't coming from the big national stations. As news deserts in Europe get wider, radio's role becomes increasingly essential. Here we'll explore three cases of local and regional stations launching projects to better serve their audiences. And how each project then went on to success beyond its original territory to a national stage.