Raoul Wedel

CEO of Wedel Software, Netherlands

With a career in the radio industry spanning more than 30 years, Raoul Wedel is CEO of Wedel Software, a leading international provider of broadcast software solutions. In 2021 he launched the Adthos Ad Platform, bringing broadcast-quality AI and synthetic voice technology to the audio advertising industry for the first time. The platform continues to deliver more market firsts, including the option of creating 100% AI-generated audio ads. Over the last 12 months, Raoul has been putting this technology to the test with practical application: Adthos, in partnership with leading European broadcasters, agencies and top 10 audio and radio advertisers, has been busy producing high quality audio ads using AI and synthetic voice combined with dynamic data. This has produced some exciting results, with highly targeted ad campaigns generated in record time. Raoul is a pioneer in the AI and Synthetic Voice space and sees almost unlimited possibilities for what this technology can do. He is also a strong advocate for its ethical application, with the Adthos platform offering voice actors the opportunity to earn royalties from the use of their voice.

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09:05 - 09:45
Track 4

How AI and synthetic voice meet audiences today

Forget the big visions and talk of future potential for a second, what are the hands-on use cases of AI-powered audio and synthetic voice in production today? Olle Zachrison, News Commissioner at Swedish Radio, demoes together with guests a range of practical examples from different media companies including cloned voices, AI revoicing, automated news bulletins and even AI generated radio stations.