10 years of Radiodays Europe – Were you there for all 10?


Radiodays Europe has put some fun facts together about the past 10 years. There have been many fun and interesting events in and around Radiodays Europe. Also changing city each year has offered a new set of challenges for the team…

If you have been there from the start you have been to Copenhagen twice and in no particular order Milan, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam, Dublin and this year Vienna. That’s quite a list as travelling conferences go! 

Each year the team moves to a new country, a new venue and has a new set of ‘Host Partners’. Host Partners over the years have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make Radiodays Europe the success it is and we thank them all! 

There have however been some things which even with the most careful planning no one could predict…remember the freezing church in Berlin? 

Each year we also have a survey which rates everything from the speakers, to the venue, to the catering. One of the highest number of comments is about the coffee – what time is it, how good is it, how much of there is it etc. Participants at Radiodays Europe like their coffee and the coffee hut outside the venue in Dublin gets the outstanding star for coffee! 

You have to remember Radiodays Europe caters to a large number of people, from 62 countries to be precise. In terms of catering one of the most popular foods we’ve had was the ice cream stall in Milan. Along with speakers from all over the world, you can network with the ‘World’ of radio and audio. There is even the odd guest like the Wookie also from Dublin. 

Finally, Radiodays Europe really is the place for content with 12 hot topics covered, 120+ speakers, over four tracks and three days. We’ve also started working on the ‘Next Gen’ of radio professionals by running our youth programme which has so far brought 45 youngesters to Radiodays Europe to experience all the radio and audio industries have to offer. 

So join us in Lausanne in 2019 for the 10th Anniversary edition of Radiodays Europe – Register here today!

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