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Nik Goodman is the host of the last session.


“Be like aretha and show some r.e.s.p.e.c.t. to the content”

Amy Woods, the founder of Content 10x started the sequence of five advices on how to exponentiate your podcast:

  • Maximizing your content: create your own content; radio or podcast, try to reach the maximum locations possible – like spotify, apple, facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc. – and try to schedule it.
  • Connect: reach all people so you can have all kinds of audiences connected with you and your program, “because you are aware that isn’t an afterthought at the end”. 
  • Different platforms, different contents: Every social platform has a reason to exist, so try to have strategies for each one; this way you will catch more engagement.
    • For example, in The Late Late show, there is a TV program and different ways to promote the segments, like “Carpool Karaoke” for example.
  • Engage: try to have an engagement is really important, so look for ways to build a community with your audience to make them feel closer.
  • Take it one step at the time: Even if all the advice is important, try to do it slowly and construct the future. You don’t have to do it all at the same time.

“Being a passive is the end of interactivity”

Vicent Soulet, executive producer and consultant of ‘Cherie FM’, gives five ideas to reconnect listeners to morning shows. The word RADIO is made by those following principles:

  • REACTIVITY (the more responsive we are, the more listeners feel included and involved in our program. 
  • AUTHENTICITY (reliability, genuineness, sincerity are key components of success of a show. Having a good relationship with listeners and keeping in contact with them on social media.
  • DEMONSTRATION (The more genuine and detailed u are, the more u keep your listener hooked on the show)
  • INTERACTIVITY (You can participate in a radio show. Centric shows ensure that they are the center of our program.)
  • ONE AND ONLY (We have to be different and original in the way we sell music and content on the air)


“Not trying to teach you how to make your radio look young, Renascença is 85 years old”

João Lobo, Head of the marketing and communication department at renascença, shared five ideas about how to build branding, based on his experience:

  • Promote local culture: for example, Renascença promoted Madeira’s culture, “Monte sledges”, in the middle of Lisbon.
  • Make the difference: “3 por todos” was a fifty one hours in a roll, with three women presenting, that gather found to ‘União Audiovisual’.
  • Create relationships: use radio to boost NGO’S, that work in educational projects and also promote startups they helped a lot of startups to develop. 
  • Be there for your audience: “In worst time radio can make the difference”; in 2020 christmas,during the lockdown  they went after the listeners, in RFM. 
  • Longevity without losing the identity: Renascença is a 85 years old radio, and the focus is not in how to stay young, but how to keep reaching the audience. 


“If you don’t have an organized talent program your company will die”.

Signe Muusmann, talent manager of DR Talent School, gave five pieces of advice to create a unique and organized talent program:

  • Organize your talent development as soon as possible: “Design your talent program immediately.”
  • Give direction: link the talent development to the top management and the company strategy
  • Spot the raw and unique talent: talent development should be an alternative to traditional recruitment
  • Recruitment is essential for success: find long lasting potential, not one trick ponies.
  • Put young talents on air: trust the potential – make room for mistakes and remember intense support and feedback from qualified staff -; “You need to see their potential and bring him to life.”


“We all heard the headlines about how radio is in danger”

George Butler, head of marketing on Radiocentre and Radioplayer in United Kingdom – a company that looks for a way to suport radio players with -, teaches how to inspire the future, and continue to compete with other platforms:

  • Inspire the future 
  • Represent the audience: respond to audience needs.
  • Trust in youth: trusting in the development of their skills.
  • Do big things: mental health minute podcasts, an example of great achievement that George made, “Mental Health Minute 2021”, of Radio Today.
  • Collaborate: by working together we can make an impact at an international level! It’s rare to have the courage to do it.


“People look at the need to diversify if it was a riddle”

Eric Nuzum , the podcast Guru and co-founder Magnificent Noise, gives five advice to podcasters: 

  • Don’t be a podcaster: “Don’t think of yourself as a podcaster, a lot of people come to me showing a lot of concern and anxiety. Think of yourself as an audiomaker, don’t worry about the platform you’re on”.
  • Prioritize function over format: think bigger, with a macro vision, and ask “what my podcast can be?”
  • Question what “works”
  • You’re not into audio business
  • Don’t be boring: do not assume that people will be interested in your subjects, try to understand who are you producing to.


Written by Gonçalo Borbinha and Mariana Serrano

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