5 things you would miss if you don’t join Radio Hack Europe

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Guys, be part of Radio Hack Europe. It will be a life changing, mind blowing and absolutely fabulous. Our second Radio Hack is going to take place the weekend before the Radiodays Europe from 16th-18th March in Vienna. And you shouldn´t miss it, because…

…you wouldn´t be part of an audio innovation movement. Repeating how radio isn’t innovative anymore is something everyone can do. Being innovative yourself and creating a future for radio and audio is the supreme discipline at the Radio Hack. Be supreme!

…you wouldn´t meet these great creative people (and nerds). You will have the chance to get in touch with lots of people who are just as enthusiastic about radio, audio and innovation as you are. Make the best of your time: discuss, form, argue and get inspiration from the other hackers. Last year we had 45 hackers from 11 countries. How inspiring! There will be a lot of different people from different countries, with versatile knowledge from different fields. Be inspired and soak up the maximum knowledge. Understand why every developer has a unique approach, just like web designers and journalists!

…you wouldn´t learn new skills. One skill is: Learn to fail! There’s a good chance that you and your team will shipwreck your idea at Radio Hack Europe. Then it’s time to get back up, dust off and keep striving for that solution. And the hack will challenge you: You won’t sleep much. You will keep yourself busy with new approaches, techniques and ways of thinking. It will be a long 48 hours but in the end you might be standing on the main stage of Radiodays Europe as a winner and pitch your idea to the European radio industry.

…you wouldn´t get in touch with all these new technologies. You will keep yourself busy with new technologies. Create new ideas and innovations using them! You’ll get in touch with our technology partners at Radio Hack Europe – which makes your work a lot smoother. No matter if you are a radio host, app developer or web designer – everyone will join in on creating a prototype. Maybe you’ll discover a fondness for html codes or user experience.

…you wouldn´t have the fun of your life. Trust me, we had a crazy time in 2017. 2018 will be awesome. In Vienna we will be in the most digital hotel in Vienna with an endless supply of coffee, perfect WiFi and an inspiring atmosphere: Enjoy the Hotel Schani.

So we invite you to get crazy at the Radio Hack Europe! At the Hack you can approach a project where you don’t have the time, right colleagues or the right boss at your daily job. Here you can – no, you must think crazy. Limits? None.

Register now…

See you in Vienna. We wish you happy hacking!

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