Abu Hussain will be speaking at RDE24

Abu is a multi-talent with experience from a wide spectrum as both presenter, radio host, actor, comedian and DJ. He can be seen in the series Abu & Mayoos Norge in the autumn of 2022. He has also been the host of the talk show Tabu with Abu on NRK, for which he received Komiprisen(comedy awards) in the year’s breakthrough category in 2014.

Abu was an actor in the film Izzat, and has been a participant in a number of programs such as Alle mot Alle, Nytt på Nytt, Camp Culinaris, Huskestue and Tidsbonanza, to name a few.

Abu is one of five presenters in the podcast “Med All Respekt”, together with Anders Nilsen, Sandeep Singh and Galvan Mehidi. With All Respect, the guys discuss the world and current, close events uncensored.

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