Advocating for Women in Radio


Radiodays Europe is focused on initiatives for Women and what is happening in the industry to close the gender gap, and increase diversity.

In an article written by Fred Jacobs, interesting and important ideas are raised around gender in radio. We have spoken about MIW (Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio) previously (read it here). The organisation launched an initiative to mentor aspiring music and program directors – evidence of the proactivity of this organisation to close the gender gap in the industry. In 2019, only 11% of Program Directors are women. This statistic is evidence enough to understand why changes need to happen, and efforts throughout the industry – great or small – are all apart of a much bigger plan.

The article by Jacobs goes on to state that the concept of mentoring is extremely important between genders also. Men can help to close the gap by partaking in mentoring and sponsorship of women in the workplace and throughout the industry. Advocacy for women in the workplace makes a real difference, particularly when it is lead and encouraged by their male counterparts.

In essence, initiatives should not only be led by women, but also men and ambassadorship for change in the workplace is a responsibility of both genders. So when the industry is trying to close the gap, increase the prevalence of female Programming Directors in radio, mentoring, advocacy and sponsorship between males and females is important, in order to recognise and train new talent.

“There are plenty of men who want to do what’s best for their businesses and employees.  We find that sponsorship and advocacy make the biggest difference.”

Read Fred Jacob’s article In Search of Women PDs here

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