An insight into Czech radio stations

Martina Rihova introduced one of the most known radio stations in the Czech republic – Evropa 2, which has been on the market since the 60s. “We have news on our programme, but just because of the license,” she pointed out at the beginning when asked what the station is about. Evropa 2, according to Martina, is more about music and fun, because it’s a youth-oriented radio station. The average age of listeners fluctuates between 20 and 35 years. That is also the reason why the station presents itself as an influential radio. Huge impact on listeners has definitely Evropa’s morning show which is on for 25 years with the same speakers. 

The campaign of the station was also presented with a wide range of choice from live events to small and big concerts. Martina introduced an influencer’s camp with: “We are the only ones who tell children to bring their phones so we can teach them how to create a podcast or how to edit videos.”

However, the most crucial message of Evropa 2 was presented at the end: “Be authentic and stay true.”

Martin Hroch  (General manager for the KISS Radio) introduced the radio and its invention. KISS Radio launched a huge campaign before and during the start of the radio on air. That meant a huge audience had moved their direction and they were quickly gaining against their opponent until they finally surpassed them. They set out to build a local station with everything local, people, features, program, to try to resonate with listeners in their respective areas. After that KISS Radio started to ask themselves questions like do we have the best playlist, do we have the most effective centers. The answers were not yes, so a big downsizing had to happen to improve the radio going forward. And only the best stayed. After this KISS started to thrive again. 

The third speaker, Ondřej Cikán, a program director of Fajn Radio and Rock Radio, presented the latter radio station. “The secret sauce of Rock Radio is DNA. Our DNA is a bright identity,” Ondřej introduced Rock Radio. He then continued by describing what exactly their identity is. “We are proud to be different,” he stated. The radio station stays in the opposition of everything, they do not compete with other radio stations and they massively communicate that.

They don’t bribe people: “This is the information, take it or leave it.” That’s the way Ondřej described their connection with listeners. He also added that people like this style of presenting, presenting that the average time spent listening to Radio Rock is 214 minutes.

“We are real, we are raw,” Ondřej went on the essential message of Radio Rock. His presentation ended with three words that describe this station most precisely: Rebel, Rioter, Troublemaker.

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