Announcing the ‘Inspire Keynote’ for Radiodays Women

Sivebaek, heidi

Radiodays Europe is pleased to announce the Keynote speaker for the Radiodays Europe Women Session on Sunday 31 March from 13.00 at the Swiss Tech Convention Centre. 

This year’s ‘Inspire Keynote’ will be given by Heidi Sivebaek, Editor – Diversity and Accessibility, DR, Denmark. Heidi completed her journalist training in 1987 and started working for Danish Broadcasting as a radio jounalist in 1988. In 2002, she became Head of DR’s regional radio in Copenhagen. In 2006, she was appointed head of DR’s Innovation Department. In 2011, she became the first Accessibility Editor, with responsibility for strategies and communication in the accessibility sector. At DR, accessibility is defined as the task of securing everyone’s access to DR’s products and removing obstacles to hearing, seeing, reading and understanding. Since 2017 likewise for Diversity. In DR diversity is about gender, ethnicity, geography and much, much more.

The Radiodays Europe Women’s session is open to all those attending Radiodays Europe and to those not attending the main conference. There are 3 ways to sign up: 

1. As part of your registration for RDE – Register Here Now 

2. If you have already registered for RDE you can ADD this event using your confirmation email – if you need us to re-send this contact 

3. Register for Radiodays Europe Women only Here

There is a registration fee for entry to Radiodays Europe Women’s session of 55EUR + Swiss VAT. 

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