Announcing the band to open RDE24!

We are thrilled to announce the brilliant band Amistat are to open Radiodays Europe 2024! They are coming to Radiodays to kick off their European tour and you can check them out here!

Amistat are twin brothers Josef and Jan Prasil were born in Germany but grew up in Italy. Their parents have roots in the Czech Republic and Australia.

Their musical identity finds resonance in the modern soundscapes reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel, while drawing influence from artists like Ben Howard, Kings of Convenience, and Kodaline. Their music truly comes to life in a live setting, offering a haven for emotional connection, healing, and inspiration. Their vocal harmonies, which result from the interplay of their distinct personalities and musical inclinations, create a distinctive synergy that’s best experienced first hand.

As twins, Josef and Jan share a unique bond that infuses their music with an exceptional connection. Their harmonies are impeccably intertwined, reflecting their shared closeness and understanding. This fusion is further enriched by their sincere and narrative vocal delivery. Amistat is able to translate their sources of inspiration, often drawn from their life on the road, into their music. Their sentiments, aspirations, and dreams blend seamlessly to convey a genuine and unfiltered message to their audiences.

In a world where authenticity and relatability resonate deeply with listeners, Amistat’s music speaks to the heart and mind, offering a testament to the power of personal experience and the universality of emotions.

Amistat’s European tour in April 2023 was a resounding success, with packed venues across multiple continents. Their performances included sold-out nights at renowned venues like Munich’s “Muffathalle” and Vienna’s “Arena.” The tour saw overwhelming support, as they managed to sell out their entire run, totaling over 10,000 tickets sold. Encouraged by this response, the twins are gearing up to embark on another leg of their tour, taking their music across Europe once again at the beginning of 2024 with maiden performances in the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Spain.

We can’t wait to welcome them to Radiodays Europe 2024!

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