Audio Metrics Around The World

ben masse

It all starts with using the right measuring tools. Benjamin Masses, from Triton Digital, gave delegates an introduction to Webcast Metrics. Triton’s system is MRC-regulated and only counts real listeners; applying country based rules like minimum listening requirements and detects and removes fraudulent listening.

The device listeners use is important. Benjamin explained to delegates that smart speakers and TV’s have much higher average time spent per session than mobile phones and other devices. On these devices people consume content more evenly across the week, less skewed to weekdays. Ownership of smart speakers is also rising quickly, in 2019 it is set to be 23% in the US.

Benjamin then looked at the growth in podcasts. In the USA people listen to around 7 hours of content a week and 32% of the population now consume them.

One of the key themes of the conference so far has been how the industry needs to adopt to the changing landscape. The most important part of this process, according to Benjamin Masses, is understanding how listening is changing in the first place. 

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