The audio summit: What opportunities do we have ahead of us?


In a relaxed presentation, the speakers give their point of view on this phenomenon and share their experiences.

Linda discussed how the consumption of audio is present in so many different ways, whether on the radio, in podcasts, in music – “audio is everywhere”. The fact that there are several podcast platforms available facilitates consumption and brings challenges for broadcasters.

Sibylle said that younger audiences are increasingly consuming video and that the growing number of podcasts about stories and more interactive podcasts has convinced new generations. She also spoke of the challenges that the growing use of Spotify and the Apple platform brought to the market.

On the other hand, Cathinka talks about how the variety of podcasts and radio channels makes the choice of consumers more varied and audio producers should be aware that there is a lot of choice. Cathinka is optimistic about the future of audio: “we have good content, enough content and nice publishing”.


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