New World, New Incomes a guide to growing your digital revenue


Audio is very much a utility for busy people living busy lives and digital audio listeners are expecting to increase over the next few years. Mobile digital audio is now a $4bn USD enterprise meaning that if you’re not thinking mobile first, you’re missing out not just on listeners but also on cash. 

60% of people think voice assistants add convenience to their daily lives meaning there’s never been a better moment to advertise your brand on digital radio stations. AdTonos was one of the first companies to launch interactive advertisements for smart speakers including one that was aired on Magic (UK) to encourage listeners to book an Audi test drive. 

Paul theorises a future where radio stations could use smart speakers as part of their advertising campaigns – interactive experiences where brands could sponsor games or where smart speakers convert a radio station’s written web content into speech – and suggests radio stations should launch e-commerce platforms where branded merchandise can be sold. Multiple streams of income are key to financial security.

Roger Cutsforth (Founder White Label Studio) argues that radio stations are nothing more than a means to get client messages to listeners. There’s no need to sell radio stations to advertisers – Roger doesn’t care what makes your programming better than a competitor – he just wants to buy time with listeners. He pleads that publishers should make the experience easier by using independent ad exchanges with simple digital dashboards and entirely digitising the process. 

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