Authenticity made interesting

Ellen K is LA´s first female morning show host. In a conversation with Ken Benson she trusts us with the secrets to hosting a good morning show while chatting about interesting guests and stories on her show.

Ellen K´s first principle is “stand for something”. Around the time she started her morning show, Ellen’s son got hurt in a football accident. The hospital stay inspired her to create something with a meaning. The member of the radio hall of fame wanted to help and support people in need. That is what her show stands for – “a morning show with a purpose”.
Her second secret is “authenticity made interesting”. She knows that it is about not asking what everyone else is asking and to instead just be human. On her show, Ellen tells personal and emotional stories. No wonder she was the first person to ask Selena Gomez of how her arm broke – and got a very sincere answer that made headlines worldwide.
To reach a wider audience, another trick is taking content and multiplying it. „We always multitask that way- we would be broadcasting on radio, television and streaming at the same time“. She demonstrates that with an anecdote: she interviewed Billy Joel on her show, who then filmed himself listening to the interview on the radio – a clip that then found its way to tv news.
Ellen K also knows that “gratitude is a superpower”. In her opinion, the family-like atmosphere with her team, but also with her audience are responsible for her success. By “always looking to the future” she also keeps an eye on what is to come. Ellen K likes to do things over the top and her morning show is a feel-good show with a purpose.

One of Ellen’s most important messages is: radio is a never-ending positive story. When she talks about her work, she radiates passion – “We love radio”.

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