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Sunday is Summit Day!

Once again we are bringing you Sunday Summits, the themes this year are: Youth, Podcast and AI.  You can book these as a 3 day ticket, or book just to attend the summits.

1.  Build your podcast for success
The World of Podcasting is constantly evolving – this summit will be a deep dive focusing on new technologies and strategies to improve and grow your podcast.  Hear from experts on monetization, programming, sound design and how to create a sustainable series.  There will be stories of success as well as what to avoid when creating award winning podcast programmes.  Enjoy workshops and find inspiration at this four hour focused event.

  2.  Audio and Youth
In the Youth Summit we focus on how we can be more connected to the 15-24 yr old audience.  We will demonstrate ideas from within and without the radio, audio and podcast industry to better understand the youth audience needs, how to build a community that young people want to belong to and what it takes to create a success story.  Expect a range of topics from how to build a team to focusing on your audience’s user journey: there will be workshops, discussions and data to give you the confidence to create an environment that the youth audience want.

  3.  Implementing AI in your audio products
AI continues to be a focal point of interest for both individuals and businesses, as we explore how it can enhance our operations and consider its potential future impacts.  The AI Summit is the platform where audio and AI converge. At this event, we aim to pinpoint the current state of the industry and glimpse at what the future holds. We’ll delve into the ways AI can revolutionize our professional lives and organisations. We offer you the opportunity to gain insights and develop strategies to harness AI’s potential more effectively through the use of case studies, workshops, and top-tier expert perspectives.  We are all aware that we’ve merely scratched the surface of AI’s capabilities. Therefore, we are committed to delving deeper into the opportunities on the horizon and exploring how potential threats can be transformed into positive outcomes.

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