Book your stay in Malmö or Copenhagen!

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Choose your hotel or airbnb for Malmö 2022


Hotel or Airbnb, close to the capital of Denmark or near to the venue – which do you prefer? 

This year it’s simple to cross the bridge from Copenhagen to the venue, 12 minutes by train. The choice for where to stay depends on whether you want to be in the city or close to the venue in Malmö or do you prefer Denmark to Sweden? While it’s not an easy choice we are making it easier for you with the Stay22 platform which provides information on both hotels and airbnb options.

Radiodays Europe will be recommending a hotel close to the venue in the coming weeks but if you want to book early or want to an alternative you can find all the Stay22 options here. 

It’s also still possible to book a Super Early Bird discount ticket until 1 December 2021 – Book early for the discount here! 


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