Breaking News: How does radio deal with fast moving events?



Antoine Bayet  is head of digital news for France Info, 24/7 news radio of Radio France, since July’14, and a digital journalism teacher… Antoine brought us a digital dimension to today’s topic. Dominique D’Olne – comes from Belgium where he is Head of Radio News for RTBF.  He’s been a journalist since 1986,.  An anchor, a bureau chief and head of radio news for 13 years.


There was much thought-provoking talk about how social media has become an essential tool, but also the inevitable problems associated with the source – for example, can you wholly rely on what you read? On the tricky subject of checking sources, Dominique said: ‘As journalists, we have to be curious but also take the time to do due diligence’. Antoine agreed, adding: ‘First thing to do for media when there’s breaking news is WAIT, wait until you have all information.”

This enlightening session looked at the practical ways of covering breaking news based on lessons learned, and helping to prepare your newsroom for the unexpected. The session ended on a thought-provoking subject – where do you draw the line between the journalist’s public duty to audiences and a wider concern that actions may cost lives? As Gwendoline says: “no story is worth a life…I would be cautious going somewhere if I was putting my life in danger… but it is more of a risk abroad than in France”

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