Broadcast becomes Yourcast


Benjamin Buchholz from nacamar talked about the future of IP audio. Is it about the next transmission method, 5G? Is it about devices? No, it’s about the listener and what the listener wants. The listener wants something different, we see that in Netflix. It has to be relevant, personal and with freedom of choice, this is the challenge for broadcasters.

He then introduced delegates to their service Ybrid which allows personalisation of audio delivered over IP. With Ybrid Yourcast you can dynamically replace content i.e. dynamic ads. It also allows listeners to skip songs and still return in sync to the simulcast stream. Soon it will also allow for timeshifting and interruptions to the live stream for breaking news.

Their system is a swiss army knife, it has multiple functions, but it’s up to the broadcaster to decide what they want to do with it.

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