Cool tools for your radio station from the world of Podcasting

Podcasting is largely based on the traditional radio format, but how can radio learn from podcasting? James Cridland – radio futurologist and editor of Podnews, informed an eager session about the tools and tricks mainstream radio can take from the medium that 40% of the population is listening to. 

Transcripts, remote recording software, microphones, and audio editing platforms are all new tools that can bring your production value up to speed, refining your content and increasing quality. Moreover, making audio sound consistent is a fundamental element public broadcasters need to consider. With many different teams working on audio, software exists that checks the consistency of your audio and can increase brand cohesion. 

Finding short clips and attaching images & video are also fantastic ways to engage and entice your audience so they want to hear more. Boosting your archive can also be a great way to repurpose your content and keep it relevant over time, and can add interesting elements to your contemporary programming.  

“The world of podcasts and radio are colliding, and podcast tools can be useful now more than ever for radio broadcasters”, Cridland explained. The time is now for radio broadcasters to take notes on what the podcast ecosystem is doing!

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