Creating the Hybrid Radio Experience in Cars: New technologies, new radio experiences

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With the technology evolving comes the challenge to innovate. Nowadays, cars are demanding new ways of thinking about the radio experience.

Back in Track 4, Bob Dillon (Xperi), Roger Lanctot (Strategy Analytics), Nick Piggott (RadioDNS), Xavier Filliol (Radioline), Cas Adriani (Pluxbox) and Caroline Graze (Radioplayer) discuss the future of hybrid radio- with cars that have bigger screens and that also promote digital content.

Google is taking the dashboard and, if this happens, with only an app in the system it will be possible to have a hybrid radio. Making the process manageable for the radio industry is urgent. And there have been a lot of things helping to create the hybrid radio experience in cars.

“The broadcasters need to maintain the relationship with car makers” – Bob Dillon

This is important to make sure that they create a global solution when making the cars. On the other hand, Dillon states that, because of this urgency, there is a need to find an industry to represent radios globally, but not the car industry. As far as personalization goes, it creates a paradox. The quality is needed for the car companies want to have partnerships: if car companies share the user’s data with radio stations – like the duration of their commute – it could  would be possible to know if we needed to shorten our news program, for instance.

“The interaction with the audience is a benefit.” – Roger Lancton

In USA, radio is not the first preference to car drives anymore. TV, Watches, and computers and podcasts have been adapting over time. There’s a need to create a solution to make sure radio gets part in this new reality. Can be an app but there is more, like podcast or even different sites.

“Cars are not obliged to have radios but consumers expect them to come with them.” – Caroline Graze

An upgrade solution is saying what the audience is listening to, so they don’t need to use apps like shazam. And that doesn’t happen in most in “nonstop” music programs, the radio knows what is playing, but the drivers don’t. The sensitivity to know how to share the knowledge with the listeners.


Written by Beatriz Figueira and Mariana Serrano


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