Cross Media Measurement


Jeroen Verspeek kicked off by introducing the BBC’s Cross Media Measurement study, a large nationally representative study across the BBC and all it’s services. Unique in that, it uses multiple methodologies to capture responses. Combining both audio and online measurement with traditional diaries. He stressed that it was not a replacement for the industry standards of BARB and RAJAR but to cover things that they cannot.

The CMM study allows the BBC to see minute by minute usage of their radio platforms as well as how their listeners consume other media and even social networks. While they have had this data previously they now have it at a much more granular level.

Frans Kok then talked about the approach in the Netherlands, they are developing a blueprint for collecting cross media measurement in a different way. Their approach is to install a router in people’s homes that logs all digital media usage combining it with personal people monitors to link the data to individuals. They believe it’s important for the measurement to be as passive as possible to lower the burden in providing data.

The session was well attended and those in the audience agreed that measurement was such a key issue that progress needs to be made. 

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