Data driven audio advertising – in the age of low attention


Times are changing in the advertising business. As the digital age has
completely transformed the way we get content, experts Frank Bucher
from RMS in Germany, and Sam Crowther, from Amillionads in the UK,
explain how advertising is trying to find an audience that gets
content from anywhere.

Frank Bucher, MD Digital Media, RMS, explains that everything always
changes and audio is no different. We have gone from broadcasting
through a piece of string attached to a tin-can, to reaching out to an
audience via an interactive, web-surfing talking box in your home.

Advertising has done the same, and it’s reacting to the way audiences
are evolving their content consumption.

It is now clear that terrestrial and digital broadcasts are now
intertwining. Bucher highlights how we may listen to music all day –
through radio, in headphones, by vinyl and by streaming it in the
kitchen – advertisers are now using data-driven ad-technologies to
react to the different things an audience may do during the day. This
data helps advertisers predict the unpredictable.

‘Listening will be the new watching’, Frank Bucher thinks. Using
Amazon’s Alexa, connected-technology invades the home. And advertising
needs to react.

Using a range of sounds that are integral to human interaction and
evolution, Sam Crowther, Head of Creative, Amillionads, UK,
demonstrates how good audio advertisers adapt the sounds they use
depending on the context within which they will be heard. He explains
that by utilising data effectively, brands can target audiences in new

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