Digital migration is happening right in front of your eyes

“Is radio ready for the future?”

This was the biggest question in the session with Joe D’Angelo, Senior Vice President of Global Radio and Digital Audio, and Desmond S. Fuller, Senior Director of Hybrid Products, from Xperi company.

Joe introduced their technology device in cars DTS AutoStage, which launched in 2020 for Mercedes. Nowadays, the car brands with DTS AutoStage are constantly growing. Not just car brands which use this technology are expanding, countries wanting this technology is also rising. Currently, there are over 125 million registered cars with AutoStage technology and with about 900 million users all over the world.

They promise the broadcasters a lot of things. From trust of their listeners and the engagement of their listeners to rich visual display with implemented lyrics and a large scale of interactivity. Joe then described how their employees are able to answer questions from the listeners in the real time and how they can access the data. 

According to him, AutoStage is a global platform with many radio stations, such as DAB+, HD Radio, or Analog. He also added that Autostage had over 350 million listeners last year. 

Then, Desmond S. Fuller explained how their data are from real people. When working with DTS, you should be asking these questions: Where are your listeners listening? DTS can provide you with focus maps to help you get the best information. How many sessions are they listening to? And  how long are they listening ? Again,  DTS has data to give. What was especially interesting was the data showing the migration from DAB to FM and vice versa. Importantly, Desmond introduced 3 things for broadcasters and they are as follows – using static data, streaming URL and live data from the station’s programming system.  As Joe put it: “Digital migration is happening right in front of your eyes.” But what we learnt was that DTS doesn’t stop here. “It is only the beginning,” they ended their session.

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