Digital strategies for success


How can we set up the station to fit the new digital world but keep our end users as the focus? Well, Simon thinks that modernising the working structure and bringing all the teams together certainly helps. Swedish Radio has new technology going into their newest apps. They are curating playlists and even breaking their own self imposed filter bubbles. So is the broadcaster drowning in data? Yes… and no. Swedish Radio makes the most of the right data, they ignore the irrelevant web metrics, and they try to always think smarter. Alexandre Vekhoff, Digital Director of Lagardére Active Echos Simon. He tells delegates what his three most important focuses are when ‘going digital’. ‘The Product’, ‘The Audiences’ and ‘The Monetisation’. Broadcasters need to create a great online representation of the radio station, they need to make it work for the audience (both existing and new) and they should not forget to think of their content as being a new sellable product.. The station will get full support when there is money to be made.

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