Double session: Snapchat For Radio and Congratulations On Your Radio App


Let’s start with Snapchat…

Mark Kaye is working with broadcasters, brands and artists. As their is no easy way to discover new accounts, collaboration is the key to quickly growing a large and responsive audience. Work with other artists and promote yourself on their fan base…

Consistency is important. Your audience is less likely to engage if your posts are irregular or vary in style from day to day. ‘You need to make sure that everything is on brand and consistent’ said Mark. a

There’s a big bad world out there! As a radio station, borrow tricks and techniques from other countries and inject your own creativity into other people’s ideas.

And then VRT in Belgium…

Sven Lardon and Floris Daelemans have been building their radio strategy based on the real lives of their audiences. Their message: figure out what your audience is doing and reflect it on air.

For VRT, innovation is a never ending story. Don’t settle once you’ve brought a new product or idea to the public, ‘there is always room for space and innovation’.

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