Download Preliminary Conference Programme with Timings


Download Preliminary Conference Programme

Start 9.00, end 17.15. Full programme with schedule and session times to be announced shortly


Welcome to RDE Podcast Day!

Anders Held (Manager, Radiodays Europe, Sweden)

Hosts: Martin Liss (Germany) and Rebecca Bach-Lauritsen (Denmark)


Trends in Podcasting – Nicholas Quah (Founder, Hotpod, USA)

Meet the man who has the news and overview of podcasting in America. Nick Quah is the founder and editor of the Hotpod newsletter, considered an essential source for everyone who wants to understand the podcasting business. Nick will explain the latest trends, identify key players to watch and offer tips for your own podcast.


Making Boring Things Not Boring – Helen Zaltzman (Answer me this! And The Allusionist/Radiotopia, UK)

Before they hear it, people assume the Allusionist is going to be boring – that either linguistics is dry, or it´s persuading listeners to use grammar correctly. As they have all the rest of the internet to be entertained by, Helen knows she only have a few seconds of their attention in which to convince them otherwise. Helen Zaltzman has been called the “Queen of British podcasting”.


Facts Out Loud: Adventures of a Journalist in Podcasting – Paula Szuchman (VP, on-Demand Content, WNYC Labs, USA)

One of the hallmarks of podcasting is the intimacy hosts build with their listeners, often through storytelling and sharing personal insights. The standards of journalism, by contrast, call for facts over feelings, objectivity over opinion. How can you keep the best of journalism when diving into a medium that champions personality and subjectivity?  Paula Szuchman, Vice President of On-Demand Content at WNYC Studios (Radiolab, Freakonomics Radio, 2 Dope Queens) will share her journey from Wall Street Journal editor to podcast producer and executive, and the success of that mashup.

Coffee 10.20-10.35


What we Know About the Podcast Audience – Pete Zezulka (Senior Planner across Radio, BBC, UK) and Elisabeth Lane (Research Manager for Multiplatform, BBC, UK) 

The two leading podcast measurement experts at the BBC, Elizabeth Lane and Pete Zezulka, will present how the BBC sees the development and potential of podcast in the UK. BBC has recently launched their own non-linear podcasts. The BBC Audience Research and Planning has played a key role in this development and they will share some of the insights and findings following the launch.


Podcast Drama for the Young Audience – How a Dusty Old Genre Came to New Life – Caroline Bratt Pouron (Content Strategist, SR P3) and Cajsa Lindberg (Head of SR P3, Swedish Radio, Sweden)

Caroline Bratt Pouron, content strategist at P3 has a background as a producer and manager at the youth channel. She managed Sweden´s most successful podcast, “P3 Dokumentär” and invented several successful podcasts at Swedish Radio. During 2016 she initiated a new genre; drama series for young audience called “P3 Serie”, which reinvented radio drama and found a new audience.

Swedish Radio has for years been working with a podcast strategy to reach out to an audience beyond FM. Cajsa Lindberg, Head of P3, will give insight into what works and talk about the podcast landscape in Sweden.


Money on Demand – How Podcast Can Evolve the Mainstream Radio Business – Rune Born Schwartz (Innovation Manager, Bauer Media, Denmark)

Bauer Media Denmark has an ambition to bring podcasting to the mainstream audience and develop it as an effective and documented marketing tool for digital media buyers. Rune Born Schwartz is in charge of this new strategy and he says podcasting can go beyond great storytelling and the DIY attitude of its early years. But this requires that we as producers and media houses understand what it is capable of in the digital media and advertising ecology.


Turning Your Broadcast into On-Demand Success – Daniel Anstandig (CEO, Futuri Media, USA) 

Millions of hours of broadcast content are wasted every week by not making it available on-demand. But even if you are committed to keeping your audio alive after it’s live, are you doing all the right things to make sure it’s successful? Using internal data from Futuri Media’s POST system, which has deployed thousands of pieces of on-demand audio for broadcasters worldwide, Daniel Anstandig will give you five ways to increase engagement on your content today. 


The Guardian: the Future of Podcasting – Jason Phipps (Head of Audio, Guardian News and Media, UK) 

The Guardian is a leading news organization that ventured into the podcast market and today can boast of a wide portfolio of award winning podcasts in multiple genres. Head of Audio at The Guardian Jason Phipps will talk about why a major newspaper as The Guardian is doing podcasting in the first place, the success criteria what potential he sees in podcasting in the future.

Lunch 12.05-13.00  


Fighting for Ears: Remaining Independent in a World of Corporate Podcasts – Brendan McDonald (Producer, WTF Podcast, USA)

Tales from the Garage: The story behind one of the world’s most successful podcasts. Brendan McDonald is the co-creator and executive producer of WTF with Marc Maron, one of the most downloaded podcasts in the world. Brendan runs all business aspects of the podcast and still serves as the show’s sole producer and editor. There are more than 800 episodes of WTF with Marc Maron and counting. 


Someone Knows Something – Leslie Merklinger (Senior Director of Audio Innovation, CBC, Canada)

In just two years CBC has seen a tremendous success with its original podcast content. Gathering critical acclaim, several Top Ten lists of 2017 and with almost 20 million downloads of it’s hit crime podcast series Someone Knows Something, CBC is by far leading Canada in podcasting. CBC has developed some key learnings that Leslie Merklinger of the CBC will share with us at Radiodays Podcastday, including: How to leverage opportunities for digital and terrestrial success radio versus podcasting and how to get the audience to find your podcasts in a crowded field.


The U.S. Podcast Explosion: How it Happened, and What Happens Next – Erik Diehn (CEO of Midroll/Earwolf/Stitcher, USA) 

Midroll is one of the leading players on the growing American podcasting scene, specializing in promoting content and finding advertisers for podcasts. What is successful? How can you make it a business?  Eric Diehn is CEO of Midroll Media, the parent company of Earwolf, which makes great podcasts like Comedy Bang! Bang! and How Did This Get Made?; Stitcher, a leading premiere podcast listening platform; and Midroll, which helps great podcasters’ and makes their lives easier while making sure they get paid for what they do.


Cop or Crook – Runar Henriksen Jørstad and  Irina Tjelle (Hosts and Journalists, NRK, Norway)

A Norwegian cop named Eirik Jenssen is accused of corruption in a big trial this spring, and the Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) decided to make a podcast to cover the trial. Hear about how the podcast “Cop or Crook” (“Purk eller Skurk”) became this year´s most popular podcast in Norway and what the producers have learned from making it.

Coffee 14.40-15.00  – After the break the conference will run in 2 tracks.

Track 1 – Dronningesalen


Winner of the Brit Podcast Awards: Fathers and Sons – Colm Roche (Producer of “Fathers and Sons”, Radio Wolfgang, UK)

“Fathers and Son” from Radio Wolfgang won the 2017 British Podcast Awards. The show explores contemporary masculinity through the eyes of fathers and their sons. It celebrates all aspects of fatherhood, looking at the highs and lows of birth, death, love, money, health and inheritance. Radio Wolfgang is an independent online and app-based radio station co-founded by George Lamb and Colm Roche.


Radio and Podcasts, Reaching New Audiences – Jon Manel (Podcast Editor, BBC World Service, UK)

Jon Manel looks after all the podcasts for BBC World Service and commissions new ones. He will share how BBC World Service work with news podcasts and use podcasts for very different audiences.


Podcast Data, Beyond Downloads – Pablo Fernández Delkader (Manager, Innovation and Product Development, Prisa Radio, Spain)

Prisa Radio, with 1200 stations in Spain and Latin America, has, as part of its on demand strategy, set up a new podcast network called Podium. We will get a look into the editorial, business and technical challenges that they faced when creating it, and the innovative streaming, measurement and monetization services and strategies that keep it thriving today.


Podcast is Dead, Long Live Podcast – Laurent Frisch (Head of Digital/CDO, Radio France)

France has a growing podcast market. With record numbers for on-demand listening, Radio France is reviewing its on-demand and podcast strategy, focusing on new content and reaching out on new platforms. Radio France has a stunning 51 million downloads per month, up 70 per cent in one year. The biggest success is a daily comedy show from France Inter – “Si tu écoutes, j’annule tout”.


How to Monetize Your Podcast – Ruth Fitzsimons (SVP International Operations & Content Partnerships at AudioBoom, UK)

How do you get your podcast content to the listeners and make money from it?  AudioBoom is a leading podcasting and on-demand audio platform for hosting, distributing and monetizing content. Ruth will share results form a new world-wide survey and talk about do´s and don´ts and how to persuade advertisers. 

Break 16.20-16.30


Building Digital Communities – YouTube’s Power to Grow and Monetise Podcasts – Claire Tonti (Creative Director, Planet Broadcasting, Australia)

Launching from their original YouTube channel Mr Sunday Movies (4 million downloads monthly), the team from Planet Broadcasting were able to grow their podcast The Weekly Planet into one of Australia’s largest with an international following of over 2 million a month. This talk will unpack the strategies they used to build a positive digital community, how they grew their podcast audience and ultimately developed an effective business model for monetising their podcast and new network of shows primarily using the power of YouTube. 


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