EBU Lessons from Lockdown

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The European Broadcasting Union have created a new video podcast that looks at the lessons learnt by some of Europe’s public service broadcasters during the coronavirus pandemic – aptly named ‘EBU Lessons from Lockdown.’

The episodes cover a variety of content relating to the challenges faced by EBU members as they continue to broadcast live radio during the crisis. In the most recent episode from the series, Cathinka Rondan (Head of Radio, NRK), Giedruis Masalkis (Head of Lithuanian Radio) and Tom McGuire (Head of Radio 1, RTÉ) discuss the issues they have had to overcome to keep their shows on air; technological change, audience needs during a time of crisis and uncertainty and what they will do differently in the future as a result of what they’ve learnt over the last few months. In addition to this, they also share new content ideas that have kept listeners informed, educated and entertained during the lockdown.

Watch the video podcast and learn more about it here.


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