The emergence of podcasts always leads to a good Q&A


Since RadioDays is an event related to communication, a session of clarification and sharing of questions and opinions could not be missing. That’s how it was in this Q&A session where Daniel Karlsson and Stephanie Donovan, from Triton Digital, answered several questions about podcasting and audio trends.

Daniel said he didn’t believe many people would be willing to pay for premium podcasts in the short term. “It will be a challenge for the long term and seeing that people consume more podcasts and audio streaming it is very possible for that to happen”, said Daniel.

The pandemic has been a challenge for podcast producers. Daniel said that the consumption of podcasts has increased since the pandemic and, even with the return to normal life, people continue to listen and the number of listeners continues to increase and this brings more opportunities to the market.

During the session, several visitors were able to give their opinion on the future of podcasts and programming, including audiobooks.

In the end, a draw was made to determine who was the winner of some headphones.

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