Go Local, Grow Deeper


Xavier Huberland, from RTBF, kicked off this session talking about the vision for Belgian public service broadcasters. One of the things they are working on is their organisational structures. Instead of separating teams into separate platforms, RTBF has a new 360º production approach, where media and content teams work collaboratively across different platforms. Huberland pointed out that changing the governance structure at RTBF is needed to ensure that they do not fall behind audience trends. 

Hana Gadze and Luca Bruno present a show on the Swiss youth-focused station SRF 3. They spoke passionately about how music-obsessed their audiences have become. SRF 3 is working on helping to support new musicians in the country. Hana said that some of their “live sessions with musicians in the studio have led to stadium gigs of some local artists”. 

Further South, “Family Matters”, a phone-in segment hosted by three grandmothers, is the jewel of the crown at Ràdio Ciutat de Badalona, in Catalonia. Producer Miquel Lopez provided delegates with one of the most  important factors in their success: full freedom and no script. The presenters cover topics without restraint, often debating taboo topics such as sex and money. Ten years after the start, they still get hundreds of calls every week from listeners telling them how important the show is. 

At the end of the session, all the grandmothers graced Radiodays Europe with their first words in English. As they said they will never forget being here, it is certain that the delegates in Lausanne will not forget them either.


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