Healing Radio Sales With Data

Radio Sales Surgery

From Latvia to Australia, people came from all over the world to get advice from Radiocentre’s Planning Director on a variety of topics. 

While public perception may have changed, UK radio still accounts for 75% of all the audio listening. According to data shared by Mark, despite its fast growth, podcasts still only account for about 2.5% of total audio listening.

As for strategies that can help stations attract revenue, life is currently tough. This is mainly because advertising agencies do not think highly of radio. When it comes to overall return on investment, in the UK radio is second only to TV. Getting advertisers to campaign separately on a station’s broadcast and on their digital content has also proven to be a popular technique.

While getting data might be a daunting task for smaller stations, sometimes all it takes is a few people to start building an archive or record. Ultimately, as Mark Barber said: “The more you measure, the more you show clients how radio works. If there’s no data about your local market, you can still use another country’s to create your benchmarks”.



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