How AI will inevitably reshape the radio landscape

“I think we will look back at 2022 and there will be a before and after ChatGPT line,” says Daniel Anstandig, CEO and Co-Founder of Futuri Media, which introduced the first 100% AI-based radio station in RadioGPT. There is an obvious trend towards the use of AI, as more than 100 million users of the just recently introduced ChatGPT AI programme prove. The audio industry is keeping up with these changes, such as the creation of RadioGPT or the implementation of an AI DJ on Spotify shows. This is the logical conclusion of audiences wanting more content but on their own terms. This is exactly what radio using the potentials of AI can provide, as Daniel Anstandig emphasized: “People won’t be replaced by AI, but by people using AI”. So how exactly would the introduction of AI into radio revolutionize the industry? 

The AI can provide localized content, personalized delivery, include ever faster-changing trends and does all that to an extent way beyond human capabilities as it learns from and works with data incomprehensible compared to humans and doing so cheaper and quicker. 

What old-aged radio fails to do, and the new-age, AI-powered radio will be able to do is personalise the experience to an unseen extent. With RadioGPT you can choose from a wide range of host voices and personalities depending on the programme, integrate news and events relevant to your audience’s interests and demographics, conduct interviews and include local news.  

On the question of whether AI is our enemy or ally, Anstandig is certain that is our ally, that it is coming and that it will have profound effects on the global economy and society. Concerning radio it is no different, the revolution has already begun, and while some critical questions remain, there is no way around it. AI is the future, and it is up for grabs.  

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