How to avoid making mistakes on air


There have been so many mess ups on the radio! In this session, hosted by Martin Liss, the Radiodays Europe delegates were lucky enough to hear about some of the disasters that have happened – and receive some sage advice from broadcasters on how to avoid them.

Ina Tenz from Antenne Bayern (Germany) told a story of a live rabbit being used in an Easter show. They were aiming for a bunning bunny bonanza but it never quite happened. The moral of the tale? Never use live animals – no matter how cute they might be!

Filippo Solibello from RAI (Italy) talked through some of the issues he’s had on air, but he had a different take – failure generates learning and improvement. “I have failed so many times. You have to take the shot and fail because then you learn.”

Dan Healy (Ireland) talked about a mistake he made on RTÉ. He ran a competition on air, offering listeners the chance to present on air. He liked the concept but it meant he inadvertently paid €70,000 to a storyteller that he didn’t even really like.

“All in all, it was around a €150,000 mistake as we then had to get someone else” His key advice: make sure you have a good team around you.” “Your team needs to fight likea family and this is important for the station’s success”.  

It was a lighthearted session and a good way to end the day at Radiodays. The overall take home from the session: let´s laugh at our mistakes and learn from them wherever possible.

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