How can you grow your audience using technology?


Distribution is key. Your audience is everywhere so you need to be everywhere too. As more devices, technologies and platforms pop up broadcasters need to move with the times and try things out. The more you experiment, the more places you are in, then the more chance you have of being successful. 

Live and on demand content is merging. Audiences are not making distinctions between different types fo content in the same way they used to (and the same way broadcasters used to too). This means that we need to change the way we make distinctions between live and on demand content and we need to package up our content differently. 
And data is vital too. Broadcasters need to know what their audiences are doing, what they are listening to and how they feel. So, how can you find out more about you audience and use it to offer them things that they want to listen to? Segment your listener, understand their behaviour and deliver them content that they actually want. 

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