How to make money and feel good

Podcasting in Europe is forecast to grow by 35% this year, and will triple by 2027 in ad spend. So how can creators and producers of content capitalise on this new potential stream of ad revenue while ensuring brand safety on the path to monetisation? Sarah von Mosel, Strategic Advisor for iHeart Radio based in New York shared her insights and expertise alongside Thierry Mars, Radio director, EGTA in this discussion on how to make money that you as a creator or producer can feel good about.

In 2023, there are 50% more unique listeners now than in 2019, signalling a strong growth in audio, which von Mosel attributes to the fact that today, a podcast exists for everyone, it is no longer the niche, indie medium it was at its inception. With this increase in audio traffic, advertisers have followed, with ad spending increasing five times since 2019. In the United States, over ⅓ of the population listens to podcasts, and as von Mosel puts it, for advertisers, “our currency is downloads, let’s all agree and count on that.” With this in mind, digital audio spending has nearly caught up with spending for traditional broadcasting, which no one thought would ever be the case.

When it comes to successfully creating ad campaigns on podcasts, Von Mosel recommends host-read endorsements, 60 second midrolls, and category exclusivity. While the current rate for advertising space on a podcast is $27 in the US, von Mosel describes the impact as “a little expensive, but extremely effective.”

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