How to teach a new dog old tricks

Emerging creative formats, campaigns and innovations were on display in this session – inspiring an eager crowd. As Steve Van den Audenaerde put it, “you don’t have to be big, you can be small and successful with creative ideas.” Through strategic client management and data integration, the perfect execution can achieve monetization for clients via radio and audio formats. 

As Van den Audenaerde explained, in a saturated market, you need to stand out. Willy.radioJoe radio, and Qmusic are all examples of how radio stations can be strategically used for successful advertising campaigns – signifying that radio and its potential reach and impact, is far from dead.

Nina Fletcher from Bauer Media, Europe’s largest digital commercial radio and audio operator, highlighted the strength of radio’s power to connect with listeners, and deepen bonds with brands, creating more trust. Bringing in award winning examples from Finland to Ireland, Fletcher emphasized the importance of creating authentic campaigns that resonate with consumers.

From this session, a key takeaway is that with radio, you can gain a strong presence in a small period of time, yielding impactful results for all stakeholders involved. As Fletcher put it ,“there is really huge creative potential in radio.” By looking to other successful campaigns for inspiration, you can continue to build your radio brand and increase your listener base through successful integration strategy. 

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