iHeartmedia’s Take On The Audio Boom


iHeartMedia Networks Group is the biggest radio network in the world. Darren Davis started with the company over 27 years ago and has a unique perspective on how the company has grown.

He said, “sound engages the imagination” and spoke about iHeart Media’s testing of audio with biometrics. He said that there is better recall after listening to radio over television. 

He provided the audience with a lot of statistics proving the strength and consistency of radio – from the growth of smart speakers to the endurance of car radios. He said, “trusted voices create deeper bonds with listeners”. 

Darren endorsed using radio advertising to advertise radio itself – he said that iHeartMedia has advertised itself more on its own platforms than any other brand. And it clearly works.

He also talked about podcasting – half of all American’s listen to podcasts every month now. Darren said that podcasting fits perfectly in to the radio offering at iHeartMedia, because they want to be everywhere that consumers are. He said, “podcasting is front and centre of the audio boom.”

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