Ireland’s largest independent agency, Boys+Girls Creative Director joins the speakers in Malmö


Being Creative at Radiodays Europe!


Kris was named after Kris Kristofferson, as a whim by his mother who clearly didn’t consider the ramifications of how this decision would lead to near-weekly questions about why it’s not Chris with a C. Despite the lifelong association, Kris knows shockingly little about his namesake but (segue alert) thankfully, knows more about advertising.

Kris is a Creative Director with Ireland’s largest independent agency, Boys+Girls. His work has been recognized at awards shows across the globe, including D&AD, One Show, Kinsale Sharks, and Cannes Lions. Kris has worked on national and international campaigns for clients like Samsung, Fitbit, Amnesty International, and Three Mobile. His powers of persuasion are such that he once managed to convince the G.O.A.T, Usain Bolt, to rap on a single that got a bigger release across the Caribbean than anything penned by Kris Kristofferson!

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