Jim Receveur joins the speaker line-up

Jim Receveur is a someone who knows radio from all angles. At the age of 16 he was already hooked on Radio and was hired as an evening studio host. In 1989 he came overseas to Denmark and was hired as Sales and Marketing director for Copenhagen CHR station “Uptown radio” and in 1994 was hired as group manager for a Radio Sales group including Uptown and 25 other larger stations in Denmark.

In 1999 the group was purchased by Clear Channel and Jim was promoted to Scandinavian Director responsible for all CC’s radio’s operations in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Since 1999 Jim has opened up more that 20 new stations in CHR, AC, HOT AC and News/Talk formats and was declared CC’s GM of the year.

In 2003 he moved to Talpa Radio Int and was asked to be the Administration Director and start Denmark’s first high-power commercial station (Radio 100fm), within the first six months Radio 100fm became the largest commercial station in the capital, more that twice the size as the nearest commercial competitor.
Jim, along with two partners, bought the station in 2009 which by then included Radio Soft and Radio Klassisk.

The three partners sold the station in 2012 to Pro Siben who already owned several of the major Danish commercial stations such as NOVA, POP fm and The Voice.

Jim was appointed CEO and could now call himself CEO of Denmark’s largest commercial radio player.
Along the way was also appointed as CEO of Bauer Media Norway.

Bauer Media, which owns the station today, acquired the radio part in 2016, and with Jim at the top, Bauer Media Denmark and Norway is today the largest commercial radio player with several different platforms, such as Podcast and digital stations.

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