Joining the line up from Denmark Babak Vakili

Babak Vakili

Joining from Denmark script writer, podcast producer, lyricist Babak Vakili 


Not afraid to discuss difficult subjects and go to the heart of the story Babak Vakili gets interviewees to tell their truth. 

– Do not f@*! with me. Kill you.

“The words come with a childlike voice from Anas. He’s probably about seven years old. And he’s proud of his lines he’s written for the rap workshop.” These words from a 7 year old boy profoundly affected teacher at the workshop, Babak Vakili aka Bobby Shams his words “reminded me how difficult it was for me to find out who I was, what I stood for and where I belonged when I grew up in a society where politicians, rappers and terrorists always were busy explaining it to me”. Hear where this, and other stories have influenced the career of a Babak Vakili at Radiodays Europe 2022. 

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