Keeping The Magic of Music Events Alive

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As the world adjusts to COVID-19, the Radio industry has been thrown in the deep end as the desire for content and connection is as strong as it has ever been. As a result, the industry is seeing some incredible adaptations and innovations in the event space. This week we look at Australia’s Nova Entertainment and how they are leading the way as they keep the magic of intimate music performances alive. 

Nova Entertainment has continued to connect artists and fans in these times by adapting one of their most famous brand offerings – Nova’s Red Room – to the limitations of COVID-19. Nova’s Red Room is an intimate experience where they have traditionally delivered artists up close and personal with their fans in special music performances.  The Red Rooms have graced both domestic and international stages, with performances from Kelly Clarkson, Ed Sheeran, Madonna and Usher, to name a few. As the limitations and restrictions of COVID-19 came into fruition in Australia, the challenge facing Nova Entertainment was to continue to provide this experience for their listeners, and that is exactly what they did – They created Nova’s Red Room Live Steam. 

For the first time artists have been able to connect with their fans and perform in Nova’s Red Room via live stream on the Zoom app. From live performances to Q&A’s with favourite Australian and international artists, the company has strived to deliver an experience for their listeners amongst the realities of COVID-19 and social distancing, setting the bar for Australian entertainment offerings. 

Some of these performances have included YUNGBLUD and YouTube star Conan Gray, as well as a Q&A with Dua Lipa. Paul Jackson, NOVA Entertainment’s Chief Programming and Marketing Officer said, “In these difficult times the power of music and supporting the music industry has never been more crucial. With artists currently unable to deliver a traditional concert experience to their fans, it was important for us to explore new ways in which we could provide a different money can’t buy live music experience to our listeners. Nova’s Red Room Live Stream will provide opportunities for us to work with our industry partners on a range of Australian and international artists, enabling them to connect intimately with their fans.”

Examples such as this from Nova Entertainment are proof of what the industry is capable of during these times. With adaptability, creativity and a willinging to be agile, the radio industry can continue to provide great experiences for listeners. With a few adjustments, the magic of these events can live on.


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