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Patricia Sonius, Head of Research & Development at STER, notes that when a brand spends money on media only 5% of that goes to radio despite it making up a much higher percentage of the media people consume. 

Her research shows that media and marketing professionals don’t understand how beneficial radio can be, which is why they created Audify Audio Academy to build knowledge in professionals and therefore increase spend. 

She has also made sure they are telling potential brands which day of the week will be best for their brand and other precise decisions which would convince them to see radio as an effective advertising strategy. 

Stefan Mölle, President of Association of European Radios says there aren’t always magic tricks, in the pandemic they kept doing what they were doing and were able to welcome new clients. Helping clients think and understand audio is really key.

Juliane Henze, CEO of Henze Marketing says finding the USP of radio was very useful. Firstly people trust radio and it is indispensable:

“Baking banana bread without Caribbean songs- impossible” she says, radio really is a friend to so many listeners. Advertisers need to know this but there are other tips for increasing advertisers through things like flexibility and sales boosters. 

Plus showing the sales impact helped too – but rather than targeting big clients they targeted small local brands with a campaign slogan “when it’s on the radio, the store runs”. Having that clear target for local clients and creating tailored ways for small brands to advertise. 

It’s also worth noting radio advertising has the lowest carbon footprint of all media. Henze also offsets the emissions to create real sustainable marketing.

Showing how beneficial radio is to your brand is key to driving up revenue.


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